3M™ Vibration Damping Tape 434, Silver, 2.75 in x 60 yd, 7.5 mil, 4 Rolls/Case

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Manufacturer: 3M
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SKU 7000049095
Description 3M™ Vibration Damping Tape 434 is a low temperature, silver, dead soft aluminum foil tape. The constraining layer is coated with a pressure sensitive viscoelastic polymer on a blue polyethylene easy release liner. This tape absorbs and dissipates vibration and reduces noise. It is useful for a variety of applications in the aerospace, automotive, construction, appliance and MRO industries.
Lead Time 24 Weeks
Bullets - Cold temperature resistance allows tape to perform at extremely low temperatures (-76°F/-60°C)
- Linered construction offer diecutting capabilities
- Resists weather and UV degradation, ensuring performance in many difficult applications
- Vibration damping properties make this tape an ideal choice for a variety of applications in industries such as aerospace, transportation, appliance, general industrial and more
- Viscoelastic acrylic polymer adhesive is optimized to convert vibrational energy to negligible heat that readily dissipates