3M™ Hi-Strength Spray Adhesive 90CA, Low VOC <25%, Clear, 24 fl oz (Net Wt 19 oz), 12 Can/Case

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Manufacturer: 3M
Manufacture Part: 90CA

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SKU 7000121418
Description 3M™ Hi-Strength Spray Adhesive 90 CA Low VOC <25% is an extremely versatile, fast-drying spray adhesive that bonds strongly to a wide range of materials. This product's permanent bond provides fast results while remaining easy to dispense thanks to a variable-width spray pattern. The high-solids content of this adhesive offers a high initial grab, sufficient bonding range, and a fast dry time. 3M™ Hi-Strength Spray Adhesive 90 CA Low VOC <25%'s combination of maximum-strength bonding and clean appearance makes it ideal for projects of all kinds, such as general industrial maintenance and repair projects; large-surface bonding of wood, laminates, MDF, and other substrates; and bonding for tilt-up construction. This product meets the applicable 2017 California Air Resource Board VOC limits for mist and web spray adhesives.
Lead Time 2 Weeks
Bullets - A RESILIENT OPTION: Offers high-temperature and moisture resistance
- Bonds a wide range of lightweight materials, including paper, cardboard, fabric and insulation
- FOR INDUSTRIAL USE ONLY: This product is designed exclusively for industrial applications
- GO-TO SOLUTION: A high-strength, fast, contact-type adhesive
- MADE FOR PROFESSIONALS: Provides industrial-strength bonding for demanding applications
- SPECIAL DISPENSING: Comes with a variable-width web spray pattern
Country of Origin USA
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Shelf Life 547 Days
Shipping Weight 18.8 (US pound)
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