3M™ General Purpose Vinyl Tape 764, Black, 3 in x 36 yd, 5 mil, 12 Roll/Case, Individually Wrapped Conveniently Packaged

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SKU 7010376163
Description 3M™ General Purpose Vinyl and Hazard Marking Tapes 764 are the cost-effective choice for a variety of safety marking and color coding applications where you don’t see tough conditions or the need for long term clean removal. Conformability, instant adhesion and easy unwind make these tapes ideal for marking equipment, walls and pipes. Designed with unique stretch properties, this vinyl tape conforms to rough, irregular, curved and convex surfaces while remaining stretched and without lifting after application. The rubber adhesive offers quick stick and excellent holding strength on many substrates. It also maintains its color when exposed to abrasion, wear and many solvents. Using 3M™ Vinyl 764 Tape is a faster, more versatile and less costly option than painting, which often requires ventilation and time-consuming prep and clean-up processes. Recommended applications include floor marking; general purpose holding and bundling; color coding; marking of parts or machines; temporary protection of parts, equipment or products from abrasion; and decorating.
Lead Time 92 Weeks
Bullets - ECONOMICAL FLOOR MARKING: Cost-effective option for color coding and safety marking applications
- HIGH CONFORMABILITY: Strong, flexible backing is ideal for use on curved and irregular surfaces
- INSTANT ADHESION: Rubber adhesive bonds immediately to a variety of surfaces
- TAPE YOUR WAY: This tape establishes a powerful bond whether you apply it by hand or with the 3M™ Lane Marking Applicator M1
- VIVID COLOR: A wide variety of colors helps markup floors and protect surfaces with color-coded efficiency
Country of Origin Taiwan
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